Our Company

Diamond Wipes International, Inc. is the original manufacturer of hot and cold disposable wet wipes in the United States. Founded in 1994, the company has grown from a small restaurant wipe supplier to become the largest consumer and industrial wet wipes manufacturer on the west coast.

Diamond Wipes manufacturers out of a modern, solar-powered, 130,000 square-foot facility in Chino, California, as well as a 65,000 square-foot plant in Bucyrus, Ohio.

Diamond Wipes Chino HQ

Meet Eve Yen

Eve Yen, Founder & CEO

Eve Yen is the founder, owner, and president of Diamond Wipes. A first generation immigrant from Taiwan, Eve has a passion for innovation and a relentless, can-do attitude that propels success for her clients.

Eve holds MS in Management Information Systems from New York Institute of Technology. Eve is happily married with two grown daughters.

Professional recognition of Eve's leadership includes a 50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business Award (2006, New York), an Asian Business Award (2010, Los Angeles), and a Spirit of the Entrepreneurs Award (2010, Inland Empire).

Our Vision

Diamond Wipes will be recognized worldwide as the most respected name in wipes product manufacturing.

Our Mission

  • We will fulfill global demand for high quality, US-made wipe products while tirelessly pursuing new growth opportunities.
  • We will partner with our customers to bring uniquely innovative ideas to fruition, making our lives better and more enjoyable.
  • We will forever uphold a passion for high standards, an appreciation for diversity and a commitment to corporate integrity.
  • We will give back to our community, care for our environment and strive for ever-strengthened social responsibility.

Our Philosophy

At Diamond Wipes, we embrace a deeply rooted commitment to excellence. We groom our employees for excellence, we design and manufacture excellence, and we serve our clients with excellence. We are able to achieve this excellence through a family-oriented culture of caring, respect, and honor. At Diamond Wipes, we relentlessly strive to be the best in the business.


Yen stands in front of newly installed solar panels

Every Diamond Wipes employee is committed to improving the livability of our world in the present and for the future. As such, we have established aspirations and long-term goals to become a leading examples of wholesome, sustainable manufacturing.

Cleaner Solar Energy
Progressively move away from fossil fuels toward clean, low-carbon energy.
Achieve 90% diversion away from fossil fuel in 2012 in Chino facility; Establish clean energy system in Bucyrus facility.
In 2011, Diamond Wipes completed the installation of a 3,360 clean energy solar panels designed to offset over 86% of energy utilization away from traditional electric.
Develop and distribute the most sustainable products in their class.
Use materials that come from natural sources and recycled inputs.
In 2012, Diamond Wipes is debuting two new high-volume restaurant wipes comprised of over 99% natural ingredients, compostable responsibly managed FSC certified substrate, and recyclable film. Promotion and sale of these products is expected to result in over 40% of transfer of business from non-sustainable to sustainable restaurant wipe products.

Giving Back

Diamond Wipes cherishes its place in the global community and embraces social responsibility from the top down. As such, volunteerism, product and monetary corporate donations are pledged to carefully-selected non-profit groups that align with he values Diamond Wipes upholds.

made in U.S.A. produces with green power FDA & EPA registered Forrest Stewardship Council certified Rain Forrest Alliance certified USDA Organic certified certified WBENC
made in USA produces with
green power
Forrest Stewardship
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Rain Forrest
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USDA Organic
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