Private Label

Institutional & Professional Wet Wipe Private Label

In 1994, Diamond Wipes International debuted its original American-made microwavable hand wipes to local restaurants in Southern California. Today, the company manufactures and distributes these wet wipes — dubbed "oshibori" after the Asian tradition of offering hot and moist towels to guests — nationwide to all major foodservice markets. These complimentary wet wipes are available for private label to restaurant operators and foodservice providers. A competitively priced branding tool, with utilitarian value of convenience and cleansing, enhances the dining experience of guests while promoting a sanitary environment and personal hygiene.


Diamond Wipes International also offers its wet wipe private label programs for hospitality and travel, janitorial and sanitation, and healthcare markets. Popular products include makeup remover wipes, multipurpose cleaning wipes, and disposable adult washcloths.

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  • Pl_foodservice

    Complimentary Hand Wipes

    America's original microwavable moist towelettes are perfect complements to all restaurant and hospitality services. US-made high quality disposable towels with mild cleansing formula. Value-added, individually wrapped branding tool with your logo, design & message.

  • Pl_hospitality

    Hospitality and Travel Amenity Wipes

    Select from bestselling in-room and inflight amenity wipes to better enhance guest and passenger experience. Includes individually packaged makeup remover wipes, shoe shine wipes, cleaning wipes & hand sanitizing wipes.

  • Pl_cleaning

    Janitorial & Sanitation Cleaning Wipes

    For cleaning professionals. Brand your cleaning supply essentials with our multipurpose hard surface cleaning wipes, table cleaning wipes, and hand sanitizing & antimicrobial wipes. Available in recycled/recyclable rigid canisters and flexible soft packs.

  • Pl_health

    Wipes for Healthcare

    For professional caregivers. American-made premium quality cleansing wipes are available for baby and toddlers, incontinent or bed-ridden patients & seniors. Includes dermatologically tested hypoallergenic baby wipes, personal hygenic wipes, rinse-free adult wasthcloths & bath wipes. Also available are medicated wipes for antiseptic and antimicrobial purposes.

  • Pl_crayons


    For foodservice and hospitality operators. Competivively priced low MOQ private label crayons are safe, non-toxic, and conforms to ASTM-D4236. Combine with custom moist towelette private label service to complete your branding program.

Retail Store Brand Private Label Wipes

Food and non-food alike, private label programs in FDM and MULO continue to evolve into new heights. Retailer private label goods are no longer about being generic and economical. Developing original and innovative products unique to each store brand is critical for retailers to succeed in today's highly competitive CPG landscape. Diamond Wipes International partners with some of the country’s largest drug store operators and budget retailers to develop their exclusive wet wipe programs.


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Get in touch with our knowledgeable sales representatives about any question you may have.

  • Retail_face

    Face & Neck Care

    Skincare wipes outperform the category in sales velocity. Popular products include makeup remover wipes and face cleansing wipes. Exfoliating and daily peel concepts are strongly trending up.

  • Retail_nail

    Nail Care

    Demands are steady and strong. Both acetone and alternative nail polish remover formulations are available.

  • Retail_acne

    Acne Care

    Over-the-counter medicated acne treatment formulations are available in both conventional pad applicators and new wipe format packaged in flexible soft pouches.

  • Retail_baby

    Baby Care

    Parents, mothers & fathers now come in all stripes presenting opportunities for unique baby wipe concepts catering to their philosophy. Budget or premium, dermatologist-approved hypoallergenic baby wipes are all manufactured in the USA.

  • Retail_adult

    Adult Care

    Length of adulthood continues to extend as aging population grows. Garnering high sales movement, opportunity areas include male & female personal hygiene wipes targeting unique needs of specific age groups, body wipes, medicated wipes & pads, and at-home bath & cleansing wipes.

  • Retail_lens

    Lens Care

    For glasses, and more importantly, screens. Mild cleansing formula lens and screen cleaning wipes will enhance our touch-based, digital technology-driven lives.

  • Retail_pet

    Wipes for Pets

    Notable for gaining in performance in sales velocity, wipes for family pets show strong promise. Popular wipes include in-between-bath cleansing, ear cleaner, oral hygiene & eye cleaning treatment.

  • Retail_innovate

    Unique Product Innovation

    Increasing number of retailers is teaming up with 360-degree branding agencies and marketing firms to develop unique store brands. Consider Diamond Wipes International as strategic partner in your branding ecosystem to create innovative wipe products.