Chino, CA – April 17, 2018 –Diamond Wipes International, Inc. (Diamond Wipes), a leading American wet wipe manufacturer and USA Table Tennis (USATT), the national governing body for the sport in the United States, announced today a multiyear partnership to support current and future elite US teams and athletes better promote the sport of table tennis in the United States.

As part of the multi-faceted partnership, the Diamond Wipes logo will be featured on USATT’s National Team uniforms that will be used in domestic and international competition.
I’m beyond excited for this partnership. Growing up in Taiwan, I’ve been a big fan of table tennis. It is an honor to support and work with USATT, said Eve Yen, Founder, Owner, and CEO of Diamond Wipes. “My husband, James, loves this game. He’s been an avid table tennis player for as long as we’ve been together. Before his retirement, our employees knew him as ‘Mr. Table Tennis’ and I hope more and more people come to learn about this unique and fun sport.”

“We are thrilled to have Eve, James and the entire Diamond Wipes team join the USATT family and I am so excited for what this partnership will bring to the table,” said Gordon Kaye, CEO of USA Table Tennis. “Partnering with Diamond Wipes - an innovative, entrepreneurial American company – will provide resources and opportunities for our athletes to better compete on the world stage.”
In addition to the sponsorship of USATT’s National Team uniforms, Diamond Wipes has developed a new line of wet wipe products for the table tennis community. One such unique wipe is designed to clean table tennis paddles easily and quickly, while maintaining its grip. The product is the first of what will be many innovative wipes for the sport. The paddle cleaning wipes will be available in the summer and the portion of the proceeds from their sale will benefit USATT.
“The most exciting part, to me, is that this partnership was first and foremost inspired by the love for this sport. Table Tennis is a great sport with so many life-long benefits and I know the team at Diamond Wipes will carry that message with us around the country” commented Gordon. “We will support and promote,” added Eve. “Soon every kid in America wants to be the next Kanak Jha, Lily Zhang, or Tahl Leibovitz.”