We are pleased to announce today the launch of new table cleaning wipes and hard surface sanitizing wipes specifically designed for restaurants.

“We originally introduced the Handyclean brand of wipes to the foodservice market a few years back,” says Joseph Smith, a senior vice president of sales. “They clean exceptionally well and are very convenient. Many customers have switched to using these labor-saving wipers rather than mixing, spraying chemicals and wiping them down with rags. But the original bulk pouch packaging was little too big for wait staff as they turned tables. We listened to the feedbacks and made changes.”

New Handyclean Table Cleaning Wipes and EPA-registered Handyclean Rinse-Free Sanitizing Wipes, which are safe for food contact surfaces, are now available in a compact, portable soft pouch. Each flexible package holds 35 wipes.

“These days, dining out is not just about the food. We go to a restaurant for the whole experience, from start to finish,” tells Eve Yen, the founder and CEO. “Cleanliness is very much a part of that experience. Using our wipes to keep your restaurant clean is not only convenient, it is seen as being more sanitary. In a small way, our Handyclean wipes elevate your guest’s dining experience.”

Both Handyclean Table Cleaning Wipes and Handyclean Rinse-Free Sanitizing Wipes are immediately available through Diamond Wipes International and will be available from our distributor partners later in the year. Interested parties should contact 1 (888) 454-1077 or cs@diamondwipes.com.