Database Administrator

Employer: Diamond Wipes International Inc.

Job Title: Database Administrator

Job Site: 4651 Schaefer Ave., Chino, CA 91710

Full-Time: 40 hours per week

Job duties: Monitor and modify company’s cyber security information database programs to meet management requirements and increase business security processing performance. Analyze current operations security databases and develop restructuring plans to increase efficiency of database and system security. Monitor cyber database security measures for sensitive product design information for wipes, private labels and packaging; implement a systemized tracking database system to monitor clientele profile changes and needs, industry trends, project orders, and computerized logistics and warehousing capacity. Apply principles and techniques of cyber security engineering or computer science to coordinate and monitor company’s cyber systems containing physical changes to sales, operation database security, progress and activities of all services. Develop information security systems database to monitor testing procedures of company’s computerized logistics and warehousing systems and to ensure prompt management acknowledgment of testing deviations.

Education Requirement: Master degree in Cyber Security Engineering or Computer Science.

Experience Requirement: None

To Apply, send resume to:
Attn. Jessica Lum
Diamond Wipes International Inc.
4651 Schaefer Ave.
Chino, CA 91710