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Employer: Diamond Wipes International Inc.

Job Title: Operations Research Analyst

Job Site: 4651 Schaefer Ave., Chino, CA 91710

Full-Time: 40 hours per week

Job Duties:
Utilize business research methodology and computational models to analyze past and current data information affecting company’s overall operations. Collaborate with all department supervisors to identify and analyze the primary issues affecting labor performance, resource (financial & labor) allocation, products design and production efficiency, product pricing, inventory control, logistics, etc. Utilize data analysis and business intelligence principles to prepare reports (in accordance with the analytical results) to management defining elements of problems and the interrelationship of the elements using simulated models. Utilize descriptive statistical inference for business principles to analyze and develop information systems allowing management to address problems and make corresponding decision to improve company’s overall operations.

Education Requirement: Master degree in Business Administration or Operations Research.

Experience Requirement: None


To Apply, send resume to:
Attn. Jessica Lum
Diamond Wipes International Inc.
4651 Schaefer Ave.
Chino, CA 91710