Retail Store Brand


Developing original and innovative products unique to each store brand is critical for retailers to succeed in today's highly competitive CPG landscape. Diamond Wipes International partners with some of the country’s largest drug store operators and budget retailers to develop their exclusive wet wipe programs.

Consider Diamond Wipes International as strategic partner in your branding ecosystem to create innovative wipe products.

See below for some popular products:

  • Beauty and Personal Care

Skincare wipes outperform the category in sales velocity. Popular products include makeup remover wipes and face cleansing wipes. Exfoliating and daily peel concepts are strongly trending up.Garnering high sales movement, opportunity areas include male & female personal hygiene wipes targeting unique needs of specific age groups, body wipes, medicated wipes & pads, and at-home bath & cleansing wipes.

  • OTC Drug and Medicated

Over-the-counter medicated acne treatment formulations are available in both conventional pad applicators and new wipe format packaged in flexible soft pouches.

  • Pet Care

Notable for gaining in performance in sales velocity, wipes for family pets show strong promise. Popular wipes include in-between-bath cleansing, ear cleaner, oral hygiene & eye cleaning treatment.

  • EPA-Approved

Hard surface disinfectant & food contact surface sanitizer