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A game-changing product for a game-changing experience.

Diamond Wipes International is a on a mission to create unique and innovative products that serve the unmet needs of others. Eve Yen, Founder, Owner, and CEO of Diamond Wipes, along with her husband, James Kuo, an avid table tennis player for over 20+ years, were inspired by the discovery that wipes provide an advantage for table tennis athletes to better compete.

James Kuo, ‘Mr. Table Tennis’

Falling in love with the idea of creating more ways to help table tennis athletes succeed, Diamond Wipes set out to develop Table Tennis Paddle Cleaning Wipes.


When rubber experiences repeated use, collections of debris and oil on the rubber can cause inconsistencies in the grip of the rubber surface. Paddles should always be cleaned after each use to extend the durability and lifespan of the rubber.



A common practice that table tennis players partake in is rubbing their hands near the net or onto the table. Table Tennis Surface-Safe Cleaning wipes are able to remove dust, perspiration and dirt from the playing surface. This increases the lifespan of the table tennis table as well as restores the table surface for a consistent play.


JOOLA’s patent-pending Table Tennis Paddle and Table Surface Cleaning Wipes are small, lightweight, and portable. The single-use wipes fit easily into any paddle case or table tennis bag, making optimal for equipment maintenance whether you’re in a between matches at a tournament or on your way to the table tennis club. They are sold in packs of 18 individually wrapped wipes and are available online exclusively at