Contract Packaging


Diamond Wipes International specializes in contract manufacturing of

  • Wet wipes in any packaging
  • Pre-moistened pads
  • Filling sample packets

including converting, packaging and assembly.

We provide full service solution is augmented by packaging sourcing, R&D support and preform variety of testing. To innovative formulations for our customers, technical and regulatory guidance to ready products for domestic and global distribution, stringent quality control based on strict compliance with GMP and key testing services to ensure product integrity and safety, competent graphic design service, and wet wipe market trend and insight consultation. Diamond Wipes understands projects of all sizes — whether high volume, multiple container load programs or entrepreneurial startup opportunities. From concept ideation to product delivery to caring for customers after project completion, we are committed to go on a journey to success with each one of our contract packaging customers.


Diamond Wipes International currently holds over 260 unique formulas that are readily available for your next project. Many of our library formulas have been tested and proven by third-party laboratories and agencies, including UL-STR, Bureau Veritas, BioScreen, and Biorius, for performance, efficacy, and safety. Selecting these formulas enable our customers to take advantage of substantiated claims and eliminate costly testing investments. Each formula can be further customized to meet the specific parameters defined by our client's brand profiles.

Single Packet

Soft Flow Pack


A carefully curated selection of wipe substrates is available to meet various performance requirements. Once the most appropriate option is identified, the majority of pre-treated wipes we manufacture are packaged in airtight individual sachets for single use or in soft packs as multiples. These flexible packaging solutions are trending strong as they require 60% less plastics compared to rigid containers and saving 50% more energy during component production for improved sustainability. Of course, we do offer conventional container options such as canisters and tubs, which are recycled and recyclable.

Many of our clients further partner with us to fill and procure sample foil packets used for promotions. Product sampling continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools. The demand is not only steady but trending up. Whether you are searching for a dependable filler or US-based wet wipe converter, read on to learn more about our contract packaging capabilities.


Tried and true formulations are available for both professional and CPG beauty and personal care, personal hygienic care, medicated treatment, household and cleaning care, pet care, men’s care, and baby care. In addition to these readily available, out-of-the-box solutions, Diamond Wipes International has worked extensively with unique and proprietary formulas provided by customers or developed jointly. In addition to performance and safety-focused develoment, these formulations can be customized using natural and certified organic ingredients to satisfy the steadily growing market demand for more sustainable, cleaner, more transparent, premium, and green products.


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Bestselling formulas are appropriate for makeup remover wipes, facial cleansing wipes, and nail polish remover pads. Plant AHA-based exfoliating wipes are strongly trending as well.


Tried and true, these family and personal care essentials include formulas for baby wipes, antimicrobial, antibacterial and hand sanitizing wipes, men and women's hygiene wipes. Also available are incontinence care wipes to meet the market demands for increasingly aging population.


As FDA-licensed operation, carefully selected over-the-counter medicated wipe formulations are available, including salicylic acid acne treatment, witch hazel hemorrhoidal care, antimicrobial, and antiperspirant.


For home and offices. All purpose cleaning wipe and lens cleaning wipe formulas are notably popular. Other formulations include shoe shine, leather care, and automotive dashboard cleaner.


Whether for professional or household, all surface disinfectant and sanitizing products are regulated by EPA. In addition to branded hard surface disinfectant and rinse-free food contact surface sanitizer wipes, we are able to partner with our customers to explore EPA-regulated wipe products to meet their needs.

Pet Care

Total US pet industry is nearly 60 billion dollar market. Trending formulations for puppy and dog wipes are available. These cleansing wipes are great for hygienic maintenance in between baths.

Men's Care

Quietly but steadily, men's grooming is staking its claim. For ever-diversifying male psychographics, basics are available to meet age-old essential needs of men's hygiene, inculding face cleansing wipes, body wipes, and deodorant wipes.


Growing into billion dollar market in the US and expected to reach over $13 billion globablly by 2018, natural and organic personal care (NOPC) is here to stay. We work collaboratively with our customers and third party certifiers to develop formulas and products that are both performance and sustainability focused.


We know our wipes inside and out and you understand your unique formulas better than anyone else. Our R&D team is here to marry best of both worlds. Bring your latest formulations and we will deliver them in wipe form.


Wetted wipe and pad applicators are not only convenient, but superior in delivering pre-measured treatment with each use. Diamond Wipes International offers carefully curated assortments of wipe substrates to best meet the functional, as well as marketing, needs of our customers' products. Whether a product is performance oriented, sustainability focused or both, one or more of nearly 50 substrate options will be appropriate for the job.



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We offer not only wipes, pads, facial sheet masks, but also various liquids, lotion, cream, gel, small solids and powders.


Great number of wipes come from trees. We partner with FSC ® and Rainforest Alliance to provide wet wipe substrate options that are sourced from responsibly managed forestry resources — contributing to global biodiversity and fair treatment of workers throughout supply chain.


NPD Group reports that sales of facial masks are on the rise, outpacing other facial skincare product sales. One among new formats in the US market includes sheet masks. Methodically selected sheet mask options are readily available for procuring American-made facial sheet mask products.


We are capable of packaging products in individually sealed sachets, sample packettes, spout pouches, flexible soft packs, recyclable plastic PCR (minimum post consumer recycled contents of 25%) canisters, recyclabel jars, pucks, and tubs.


Most popular outer packaging options are retail-ready carton display boxes for CPG products and cards for promotional samples. Other choices include bags, trays, and more.


Contrary to the company's namesake, Diamond Wipes International has been providing contract manufacturing services that encompass more than wet wipes. Product sampling is a marketing tool that has been proven effective time after time. In the beauty and personal care market, single use sample packets are the most cost effective promotional devices. In addition, multidose spout pouches are gaining traction beyond food and beverage. These soft packs are appropriate not only for deluxe sampling, but also for packaging full size product offerings.

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Often times sampling investment accounts for majority of marketing financial committment, rivaling ad spends. We are able to procure custom films for your sample packettes and fill variety of unit dose applications, including liquid, lotion, cream, gel, powder, and small solids. All fillings are done in our California manufacturing plant.


Already an established packaging concept in food & beverage, spout pouches offer unique packaging configuration for beauty and personal care markets and allows consumers for meaningful, result-dependent ways of experiencing product samples. Liquid, gel, lotion, cream, serum, and oil can be filled. All fillings are done in our Southern California headquarters.




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