General questions

Contract manufacturing/ Private label

  • I don’t have my own formula, can I customize the label/ packaging of your products?
    • Yes. We offer private labeling service. Choose from our already developed unique products and you can customize the packaging to your own unique design. You can check out our products at www.wipes123.com
  • Can I make changes to the products that I want to private label?
    • Yes. Our R&D team and sales team can work with you on developing your own unique products.
  • Can we create a wet wipe with our formula/solution?
    • Yes. You can either provide the formula or solution, and we can help create the wipes!
  • What packaging format do you offer?
    • Individually wrapped wipes, multi-count flow pack, canisters, Jumbo roll (refill bags), bottles, jars etc. To learn more, please visit ________________
  • Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) on wipes?
    • Yes. For private label and contract manufacturing service, our MOQ varies depending on the packaging type.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    • It’s normally 12-14 weeks. But during the Coronavirus Pandemic, our current lead time is 20-40 weeks depending on the packaging type.


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