Our Story 2019

The story of Diamond Wipes International is a quintessential American Dream narrative. Twenty years ago, Diamond Wipes saw its humble beginning in Southern California. One vision, one machine, and one product. Being a recent immigrant from Taiwan, owner Eve Yen sold freshly packaged moist hand wipes to local Chinese restaurants. Today, Diamond Wipes has grown to over 300 team members strong and counting, delivering wet wipes and services to some of the top global companies and brands.

Diamond Wipes International takes pride in its woman and minority, global and diverse heritage. The company is evolving daily, driven by its values, supported by its experiences and credentials, and inspired by its social responsibility toward a sustainable future.



The company embraces a deeply rooted commitment to excellence. Diamond Wipes International grooms its employees for excellence, designs and manufactures excellence and serves clients with excellence. The company will achieve this through a culture of caring, respect, and honor. Diamond Wipes will relentlessly strive to be the best in the business.